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    Qingdao Hengyong Steel & Wood Products Co., Ltd.

    Yanjialing Industrial Zone, Tongji Street, Jimo, Qingdao, China.

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    Park solid wood bench - UM305

    Park solid wood bench - UM305

    CITIZEN is the first collection of site furnishings by Eugeni quitllet, who spent a decade working clsely with Pilippe Starck and is now one of Spain's most internationally renowned designers.

    He has come up with a comfortable, contemporary bench with different finishes and compositions and a matching, highly versatile litter bin. Both have been created with a distinct identity and a vocation to share the city and its public spaces in harmoni with the people who live there. Naturally and with style. The design features an organic profile that is the ouctome of the symbiosis between the delicate beauty of nature and the resistance required for everyday use

     The seat support structure chair foot is in the shape of a horse's hoof,which is made by adopting an integral moulding casting technology.The panel made of high quality wood preservative coating and Spain imported wood oil.sturdy and durable,unique shape,can be used in the Square Poad and other areas along the river and other places,even in coastal areas can be guaranteed 5-8 years of use.