What your neck can tell you

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What Can Your Neck Tell You?

Is Your Neck Getting Your Attention with
Headaches, Concentration Issues, Neck Aches, Shoulder Pains,
Numbness and Tingling into the Arms?

Beware of excessive texting.  When we have our heads flexed forward while looking down at a text screen and keyboard for long periods of time, the structure of the spine adapts to the position and posture changes develop. Eventually, there may be nerve involved muscle spasms leading to pains.

By the way, forward head positions, bending your head down for long periods, can lower your lung capacity, which can lead to heart and vascular problems.  If you do nothing, you will get worse.

To avoid the consequence of this repetitive stress; text from a raised position, take regular breaks, look straight ahead while tucking the chin back towards the neck every few minutes. With your arms down by your sides rotate your shoulders and always sit up straight.

It is important to do the exercises to help improve your posture, strengthen your neck and create better habits for life.


Super Bowl

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For those who watch, enjoy the super bowl.  Don’t care who wins.  Just keep me on the edge of my seat with some good plays and some serious smash mouth football.


Motion is necessary to beget motion.

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Dear Friends,

Ever hear of Newton’s Laws of Motion?  This certainly relates to the human body.  As a young man, I was always told by my Italian grandfather that I must always do something to keep me moving.  At that time I never understood what he meant.  Now as an older man, I get it.  Motion in the human body begets motion.  For this to be true, there must be energy involved.

Do you have friends, family members or co-workers who suffer from a lack of energy or fatigue? You can tell them,“You’re not alone!” Millions of people all over the world face each new day without the energy they need to be their best as a mother, an employee, a student, or whatever job they have. Unfortunately, to combat this lack of energy, most people turn to unhealthy foods or beverages that are filled with caffeine or loaded with sugar. While these “solutions” might provide a little energy boost, it is short-lived and is always followed by a “crash.” What your friends need to understand is that having maximum energy requires maximum nerve supply.  This is available when your spine is aligned properly.