Have You Experienced Subluxations?

Whether low grade or severe, joint damage, nerve damage, tissue damage, muscle damage, pain, and decreasing health may all be indications of vertebral subluxations.

So What Is a Subluxation?

It is a misaligned vertebrae causing interference to nerve messages that flow through your body, including the brain. It may involve your discs, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other body parts as well. When the nerve messages are diminished over the spinal cord, and spinal nerves cannot carry their signals back and forth unimpeded to the brain and the rest of the body, the health and functions of the body start to decline. Sometimes pain is part of the experience.

Millions Have Benefited!

The Chiropractic approach is natural and drug-free. For over a hundred years millions have benefited with physical and emotional improvements as their body functions are freed from vertebral subluxation stresses. The procedure used to correct or relieve the subluxation is impressive. As the subluxation is corrected the flow of nerve impulses is normalized and your body begins to heal.

After an adjustment you may experience a feeling of deepening peace and relaxation. This relaxed feeling may last for the rest of the day or the week and may lead to deep refreshing sleep. Others have at times felt a warm feeling flowing to various parts of their bodies that’s very soothing. Some feel very energetic and do all their chores or business that day with a light, happy feeling. You may find that the problems that you came to the chiropractor for have begun to lessen or you may feel no difference after an adjustment. That does not necessarily mean that you are not benefiting from your adjustments, it just means that you are not feeling any external reaction.