Who said training is easy? Do you actually think that 2-5 minutes a day will give you the results you think you want? Come on! Beware of the con jobs. There’s always more to it than the advertisers suggest.

The hard core truth is that you MUST put in the time and the effort, and a lot of it, to get the results desired. You must be consistent. You must be persistent. And you must be devoted. Your training must become a life style, not a fad or a fashion statement which disintegrates soon after the craze is over.

After spending over four decades of training in strength and contact sports I can only tell you this simple truth. There is no easy road. An attitude of achievement can be coupled by making your training time fun. If you can accomplished this, you will never make an excuse for not showing up to train. Why? Because you’d be missing out on all the fun.

Truly, the attitude of lifestyle will serve you long into your future. Long life is a blessing, but I prefer to add to that the word “quality”. This will only happen with hard work. Don’t be afraid. Training is for life – never quit.