We are now officially in the holiday season.  This is a time for joy and celebration with family.  This is also a time of the year when folks begin to worry about many things including financial woes.  The resulting stress may be revealed with a headache.


Headaches can come in many forms from the dull ache nearly everyone has experienced, from being overly fatigued, to pain described as sharp and stabbing. A headache may last for a few hours or as in the case of a cluster headache, may persist for several days only to abate for a period of time and return. A headache can be associated with neck problems, too much stress, fatigue, vision problems, a nutritional imbalance, muscle strain, a circulation problem such as high blood pressure, infection, and even a malignancy (cancer.)

What about using aspirin or an aspirin substitute to fight headache pain? Well, although over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and acetaminophen (found in products like Tylenol) are often effective in relieving headache pain, both of these substances carry warnings as to side effects and over use. So, if you suffer from persistent headaches, you may want to talk with a Doctor of Chiropractic to see if the cause of the recurrent headaches can be determined and treated instead of relying on the use of aspirin or aspirin substitutes.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

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