Tell Tale Signs of a Whiplash Injury:

Car accidents often produce what we define as whiplash injuries.  A severe whiplash can most often be detected immediately after an accident.  Whiplash injury can become tricky. In some cases this injury can take weeks, months or years, in some cases, before symptoms are revealed.  Many experts believe this to be due in part to scar tissue formation that develops in the deep soft tissues  surrounding the injured area.

Classically, whiplash pain will appear at the time of accident, and decrease as time goes by.  Symptoms may later be revealed as a result of excessive stress on the spine, signaling an untreated whiplash injury.

Neck and upper back to shoulder pain are usually the most obvious symptoms. Other symptoms may also exist and become evident.  These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, muscle stiffness, numbness and tingling to the arms and/or hands, weakness, swelling, back pain, and blurred vision.

We at Strength & Health Chiropractic provide a comprehensive evaluation of the injuries resulting from your car accident.  We will also provide you with an attorney referral to handle your personal injury case if needed.  Our goal is a simple one.  Resolve your issues, relieve pain and restore healthful lifestyle function.

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