drleoneatdesk-imageThe recent weekend has reminded me that neck pain can be more than a simple annoyance.  Discomfort such as this can occur from training incidents, yard work, slip and fall accidents, auto accidents and much more.  This discomfort can include mild to very severe muscle spasms with or without brachial plexus symptoms shooting from the neck down to your left, right or both arms to the tips of the fingers. I have personally experienced these symptoms from sports injuries and I can assure you it is not pleasant.  The point is this. I have lived it.  We at the Strength & Health clinic have successfully treated many hundreds of patients with exactly these symptoms.

Roughly 6 out of 10 people will experience neck pain of some kind in their lifetime. This is why so many patients seek the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractic has been shown time and again to be very effective treatment of neck pain symptoms and causes.

Since there are many ways to diagnose and treat neck injuries, it takes knowledge and understanding to ensure the minimal possibility of a permanent effect on your health and wellness.

There are scores of different problems that can arise from accidents.  Car accidents, for example, can cause bruises, cuts, broken bones, whiplash, head injuries and so on. Many such injuries can be treated by the medical profession and will successfully heal over time. Injuries from a car crash, however, may tend to linger for weeks, months and even years after the injury incident.

Neck injury is one type of injury which can leave a large amount of car accident victims in pain long after the incident. Neck pain is among the worst, and most prevalent, types of chronic pain which can be caused by automobile accidents.

There are tremendous forces that are created during a car accident. These forces are enough to tear apart the soft tissues in the neck.  Whiplash injuries as these are sometimes labelled, can be responsible for more than one million injuries to other parts of the body including the upper, middle and lower back each year. Ten percent of these auto injuries can lead to long-term pain and disability.

Symptoms of acute neck pain can range anywhere from muscle ache, to shooting pain in the neck, to the inability to stretch or keep the head upright. Many cases of acute neck pain can be cleared up with help from a medical professional.  Be aware, however. If symptoms are left untreated, they can become more serious and painful over time.

Chronic (long-term) neck pain presents the same type of pain and symptoms of acute neck pain, but is measured by duration―typically pain that persists for more than four months.

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