Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Memories

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Life long mixed martial arts player, Dr. Mick Leone is a 3rd degree black belt in BJJ under  Fabio Santos at his Brazilian Ju Jitsu Academy in San Diego, CA.

He also teaches senior Kenpo black belts at San Diego American Kenpo Karate school, (head black belt instructor Todd McElhinney). 

In addition Mick does some mixed training around town and also endorses Primal Training Center in Mira Mesa (head Fabio Santos black belt instructor Damien “D” Davis).

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He is currently the chiropractor for many of the MMA fighters around San Diego.  He also works on competitive fighters visiting from other countries. This work also includes the trainers at the various outlets as well. Fighters here include Dean “the Boogy Man” Lister, Greg McIntire, Jeremy “lil Heathen” Stevens (Victory MMA), Mike Lemaire (A08) and many more. Other fighters he has worked with include big name fighter,and very popular Brandon “the Truth” Vera. Brandon has his own training center (Alliance) down in the south bay area and we always wish him the very best of luck.


The above picture is taken from a seminar/promotion  in which Fabio Santos was presented with a red belt.  This is very rare in the Brazilian Ju-jitsu world. Also above is a very rare look at most of the “original crew” from the academy.


This picture taken in Kenpo garb with Dr. Mick Leone’s Brazilian Ju-jitsu professor, Fabio Santos at the Brazilian Ju-jitsu Academy in San Diego. Together, Grand Master Mick and Grand Master Fabio have over 80 years of combined martial arts experience.
Yeah Baby!  

Above is Royler Gracie, Fabio Santos and Dr. Mick Leone (as a purple belt) after a seminar by Royler.  Excellent class.


Legendary Gracie ju-jitsu/vale tudo undefeated champion with hundreds of victories and no defeats, Rickson Gracie with Fabio Santos blue belt, Anthony Leone (Dr. Leone’s son) at a tournament in Carlsbad, California.


Anthony Leone, Alex Brandao, world champion competitor, black belt instructor, Fabio Santos and Dr. Mick Leone.

World champion Alex Brandao in the process of eliminating an opponent with a clock choke.  Alex won the match and the championship.


One of the world’s absolute best, Dean Lister with Dr. Mick Leone.  Dean never stops amazing the submission grappling world.  He has recently defended his absolute championship…..again!

Below are Fabio and some of the fellas having fun at the shooting range.

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